Over $19 Million Investment Made in African E-Health Start-Ups

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E-Health Startups have attracted huge amounts of investments across Africa in recent years, with investments estimated to be as much as $19 million, according to new reports.

Several e-health startups are making some remarkable progress, while the industry as a whole is also shows signs of encouraging progress.

Many of these startups are based in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, while many others continue to emerge in numbers from Ghana, Uganda, Egypt and Senegal.

E-health startups are constantly gaining traction because of its digitally inspired and easily accessible platform.

A wide array of these startups are committed to a host of different causes from mobile applications to diagnostic tests. They have all contributed to  better quality and accessibility to numerous Africans in need of medical services.

Africa is soon becoming a hub for e-health businesses with telecoms and other startups in Kenya, South Africa and Ghana looking to complement and facilitate they’re progression.

In the long run, the report suggests that e-health will “minimize investment towards hospital bed-strength as more patients receive care within, or close to, their homes without hospital admission.”

Analysts had predicted, mobile phones to play an important role in connecting e-health startups to the general public, but only 44 percent of the recent wave of 115 initiatives launched have been mobile-based.

These businesses are doing an outstanding job of providing solutions to local and international health issues, which has caused investors to take notice of this growing trend.

The Innovate for Life Fund is an incubator that is focused specifically on supporting and investing in African e-health companies that show potential.

The fund, which is a Amref Health Africa initiative that is supported by the  Grassroots Business Fund, The Elsevier Foundation and Venture Capital for Africa, selected six startups that will take part in its three-month accelerator program, according to VC4A.

Earlier this month Nigerian e-health startup Mobicure was awarded an Expo Live grant from organisers of the next World Expo.

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