Ethiopian government recommends Chinese technology firms to explore investment opportunities in the medical sector

Ethiopia welcomes investment from Chinese medical tech firms in order to gain the abundant investment opportunities in Ethiopia with special emphasis on investments in the medical technology sector.

The decision was made by Ethiopia’s State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aklilu Hailemichael, during his meeting held with representatives of different Chinese medical technology firms in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

Hailemichael said, “The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and other related institutions, will support Chinese firms to invest in the medical technology sector.”

The Chinese investment delegation, consisting of representatives from giant Chinese medical technology firms, also during the discussions noted that Chinese high-end medical equipments would help Ethiopia’s efforts to develop its healthcare sector, with particular importance to the treatment of cancer and similar diseases.

The representatives also conveyed their dedicated interest to positively contribute to Ethiopia’s healthcare sector via experience sharing and knowledge transfer, once their companies commence operations in the East African country.

The company’s Solar Direct Drive (SDD) vaccine refrigerators are considered by many Ethiopian healthcare officials and experts as an “ideal solution” for thousands of healthcare facilities all over the East African country where access to electricity is lacking.

Last month, the Ethiopian government had praised China’s Haier Biomedical Ltd. Company – a subsidiary of the Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances giant Haier Group Corporation – for its life-saving contributions through the introduction of its innovative Solar Direct Drive (SDD) vaccine refrigerators.

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