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Surgical Gloves- Sterile
AGE Industries Pvt.Ltd
Surgical Gloves Manufacturer & Supplier

One of the reputed and leading Medical Disposables; Surgical and Examination Gloves manufacturers of India , which manufactures the best quality surgical gloves available in the country.Expertise of more than 20 years in this domain, with state of the Art manufacturing facility.Responding to the market needs more effectively and efficiently has been always our prime area of concern. This has indeed helped us tremendously in upgrading our material offering as well as its customer base in a number of countries in five continents.The very knowledge of the fact that the products are intended for the medical use has given us no chance for a second thought on defining the manufacturing process and hence we adopted the guidelines of GMP for manufacturing Medical Devices as the basis of the process environment. It was also imperative that we need to follow certain methodology to attain the FDA and CE approvals.
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