Integrity Worldwide Raise $100K To Build Medical Clinic

Integrity Worldwide Raise $100K To Build Medical Clinic

Integrity Worldwide’s Run for Kenya has grown from raising a few thousand dollars for missions work in Africa to $100,000 in eight years.

The founders of Integrity are Averee Hicks and her husband Alan Hicks with the objective to provide clean water to villagers in Meto, Kenya.

“We planned to do it for one year and make a couple thousand of dollars. We are now on target to raise maybe $100,000,” Averee said.

“With this year’s proceeds we are hoping to have a part-time dentist, a part-time physician, a 24/7 nurse, an administrative person and a fully operational medical centre and dental clinic,” Averee said.

Among the sponsors were Dr Steven Bobo of Birmingham and his wife Caroline for this year’s race. The couples have travelled to Kenya on a mission trip four years ago with Integrity.

Caroline who is from Selma said that the Hicks were her mentors while growing up.

“When I was 18 Big Alan told me, ‘Caroline, someday you are going to Africa with us,’” Caroline said. “It was prophetic. We did end up going.”

The medals that the winners received were made by a woman in Meto.

Hicks said “They prayed for each person as they made them,”

Jejuan Mauldin lead the 5K race with a 19:46 pace while Tony Johnson won the 10K with a time of 39:21.

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