Kenya-Japan Introduce Program Integrating Technology in Healthcare

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The Kenyan government has come together with the government of Japan to launch a brand new health development program that will work towards integrating technology in healthcare in the mission to attain the goal of universal healthcare.

The project is headed by the Japan Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD) and will oversee medical data collected using a tech platform to predict early warnings of health issues and risk management in the country.

Healthcare reforms have proven to be an arduous task for the administration, but finally looks to be realized.

The government has already formulated and implemented several measures in attempts to make healthcare more accessible to the citizens of Kenya. This latest endeavor will see their ambitions integrated with technology. This technology will facilitate the speedier and more accurate functioning of the healthcare sector.

The Kenyan government hopes to achieve healthcare access to all citizens and insulate them from heavy financial risks, while acquiring these services. The new tech platform will see medical data collected and monitored for a timely and appropriate response.

The technology was developed by the Kenyan ministry of health in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The government along with the agency aims to partner with policy makers and planning officials at all levels of the government to ensure its efficacy.

The PHRD project is a vital part of universal health care. It was introduced by Japan at the sixth Tokyo International Conference Development (TICAD) meeting which has since made contributions in maternal healthcare among other areas.

The launch precedes the Universal Health care global forum to be held in Tokyo, Japan in December which will focus on strengthening global public health emergency response and lifelong healthcare to all people

The Government of Japan has also given a grant of Sh 1billon to the Ministry of Health to strengthen Pandemic Preparedness and Monitoring Evaluation of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kenya.

Japanese Ambassador to Kenya, Toshitsugu Uesawa, said Japan is fully committed in the realization of Universal Health Care and is dedicated to Kenya becoming a role model for other African nations to accelerate their own progress towards Universal Healthcare

“I am convinced that today’s event and the UHC forum 2017 will provide a great opportunity to take concrete steps towards attaining Universal health Care,” added Toshitsugu.

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