Kenya’s Tremendous Efforts To Help Victims Of Mogadishu Attack

Kenyas Tremendous Efforts To Help Victims Of Mogadishu Attack

The funds drive seeks to raise resources towards emergency response and livelihood recovery said Kenya’s foreign affairs minister Amina Mohamed.

Mohamed stated during the launch of the drive in Nairobi, “Today we launch Kenyans for Somalia and call upon Kenyans of goodwill to support our brothers and sisters in Somalia. The immediate needs include psychological support, medical attention as well as short and long-term support to those impoverished,”

She said Kenya has already donated 11 tonnes of assorted medicine and two planes to airlift 31 people with injuries for treatment in the country. “We are determined to raise enough funds to support the injured and their families,” Mohamed said.

This effort is coordinated by the Kenya Red Cross who has received a special appeal for assistance from its counterpart Somali Red Crescent.

The move comes as search and rescue operations are still ongoing at the site of the attack in the restive Mogadishu city and the number of casualties may rise thus necessitating wide-scale support of all kinds.

The attack has so far left some 279 people dead and another 350 nursing different kinds of injuries, prompting an emergency response from humanitarian agencies operating in Somalia.

Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abba Gullet said, “The people of Somalia and those directly affected by the attack are in dire need of all our support. A good neighbour will deny himself one or more things to support a neighbour in more need and as Red Crescent and Red Cross movement; we always stand together during such humanitarian crisis,”

“The evil people who planned this heinous crime do not understand, clearly, the pride, determination and strength of the people of Somalia to overcome tragedies and emerge even stronger and more determined,” Kenyatta said in his condolence message to his counterpart in Somalia, President Mohammed Farmajo.

He said Kenya recognizes that the cruelty and scale of the abhorrent crime on Saturday was staged to strike fear and grief in the people of Somalia, calculated to undermine the progress of the Federal Government in state building.

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