Private Medical Facilities to Attract More Medical Tourism in Kenya

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Private sector owned medical facilities are counting on new advanced technologies and the offer of specialized customer-centric services to attract clients from neighboring nations with a hope of boosting medical tourism.

Most of these facilities are based out of Nairobi, however a new private facility has been opened in Mombasa catering to local as well as foreign patients seeking treatment.

According to the new Economic Development in Africa report 2017 released by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Kenya is one of the biggest benefactor of trans-border travel for the purpose of medical treatment.

Kenya also attracts a significant amount of tourists from Europe who are attracted by the cost-effective nature of these specialized medical services as well as services concerning cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

A host of medical facilities offer these services within Kenya, with that number expected to rise gradually. The newest of these facilities is the Premier Hospital that has just begun operations in the Mombasa County.

This new facility lies in the heart of a major tourism hotspot and has also partnered with a number of consultancy services to provide foreign and local clientele with attractive offers on their services.

Medical tourism today is growing at a rate of 15 percent annually and is worth a staggering 50 billion dollars globally.

Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia are the other top destinations for Africans and Europeans seeking medical services.


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