Tanzania: Bugando Medical Centre Launches Heart Fund

Tanzania: Bugando Medical Centre Launches Heart Fund

An initiative has been launched by Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) dubbed the Heart Foundation Lake Zone Chapter, for seeking money to support training of cardiologists.

Complications of heart-related diseases are increasing in the Lake Zone with a few cardiologists at the main heart institute.

More than 700 people, who were screened for heart disease complications during a World Heart Day campaign were diagnosed with different heart complications.

BMC Director, Dr Abel Makubi said there are only one cardiothoracic surgeon and two cardiologists at BMC, which is the main heart institute for Lake Zone residents.

He added, “To support the government to improve the health sector the basket fund initiative was taken.”The fund will be used by the government to train health experts and provide medical equipment to hospitals in the country,” he said.

Prof William Mahalu, The head of cardiothoracic surgery at BMC, said they hoped that through the funds generated from the basket, they could also construct another heart institute in the Lake Zone to cater to the increasing number of heart patients.

Prof Mahalu explained that BMC began offering heart treatment services in 2007 and that so far, 352 patients had undergone open heart surgeries and 176 minor ones.

According to him, heart diseases were currently more of a lifestyle-oriented disease because people ate foods, which were high in calories and failing to do exercises.

He urged people who are in their forties to undergo regular screening tests for heart diseases.

Ms Glory Joseph, Cardiologist at BMC said: “More than 700 children aged between 0 and 15 years, who were screened for heart diseases at BMC this year, 300 were diagnosed with different heart defects that required major heart surgeries.”

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