Tanzania To Improve Emergency Health Services

Tanzania To Improve Emergency Health Services

Mpoki Ulisubisya, The Permanent Secretary in Tanzania’s Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, has said that his government is in a process of reducing 40 percent of deaths that occur following lack of proper emergency service support.

He stated that the government’s priority was establishing an emergency medicine department at every district hospital across the country.

“We can no longer overlook the 40 percent of deaths that occur due to lack of emergency services support,” he said.

He wants to ensure that every regional, district hospitals and health centres are equipped with emergency services.

According to him, at least 27 emergency specialists had received emergency care training while others were still undergoing similar training.

Adding that eventually, they expected the number of specialists in the field was expected to increase to 36.

He said the government plan was not only to construct emergency department but also laying down a strategy to educate emergency specialists in emergency care.

However, he noted that lack of medical equipment was still a challenge in Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Emergency Medical Department (EMD) Head of Department, Dr Juma Mfinanga, said 25 percent of the number of patients admitted to Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) was mostly accident victims.

He noted that the number of accident patients admitted to the national hospital was large but the presence of the EMD at the hospital had helped them to reduce the number of deaths caused by accidents.

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