Airtel Tigo’s Newest Product to Boost Rwanda’s Medical Insurance

Airtel-Tigo Rwanda has joined hands with Radiant Insurance Company to bring a new digital insurance product to the public called Ingoboka Cash. This new service is expected to boost the current medical insurance services present in the nation. The product represents a major step in the goal to digitalize the insurance sector.

Ingoboka Cash has revealed two models, both developed for airtel money subscribers. These two plans are segmented based on usage. These variants are Ingoboka Cash y’ubuntu and Ingoboka Cash yishyuwe.

The product will only be eligible to those subscribed to Airtel money and these individuals will be provided with acess to Rwf 4000 on a daily basis to support their medical needs. But this will be based on the condition that the said customer has used a minimum amount worth Rwf 1000 in the previous month.

Phillip Amoateng, Airtel-Tigo Rwanda’s new Managing Director said in a statement that the product was designed specifically with the goal of digitalization of the insurance sector in Rwanda.

It is a commitment we have dedicated to the health and welfare of our customers, Amoateng noted adding that Ingoboka Cash is expected to further boost the uptake of insurance products in the country.

The executive secretary of Rwanda Insurers Association (ASSAR), Jean Pierre Majoro has the impact and the role of innovative products such as these and has credited them for the improved reach of the medical insurance sector.

Kibe Waringa, the Country Director highlighted the importance of the players in the sector to accept digital solutions as it has proved an influential tool in market penetration on a global scale.

“We therefore believe digitization of insurance products and services will rapidly deliver appropriate solutions for the low-income people to mitigate risks and improve livelihoods in Rwanda,” he said.

The partnership between Access to Finance Rwanda, Inclusivity Solutions, Airtel and Radiant Insurance is yet another solution designed to disrupt the insurance market by accelerating the insurance penetration in the country.