Address: Avenida Salvatella, 4
Poligono Can Salvatella
08210 Barberà del Vallés (Barcelona)
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Based in Barcelona (Spain), we specialize in the production of medical recording papers since 1984 for all kind of medical tests (ECG, CTG, EEG, dopplers, monitors, stress test, laboratory equipment, defibrillation, spirometry etc.) and for all the brands and models of medical devices. Appreciated for the quality of our products and the services we offer as well as a competitive price position, we are now present in 80 countries and can produce any recording medical paper requested to us.

Our range of products is now completed with electrodes, gels, patient cables, defibrillation pads, mouth pieces and filters for spirometry.

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Address: Ambros Medical Services Pvt Ltd


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South Exe.Part-2
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A one-stop provider in the healthcare industry and a supplier of New and Used Medical Equipment. We strive to provide turnkey solution to cater to Hospitals, Medical College, Nursing Homes, Poly Clinic, Imaging Centers as well as Clinics, Dialysis Centers, Operation Theaters Equipments, ICU Equipments and Hospital Furnitures, ETC. For more information about our company and our existing inventory, I would like to request you to visit our website at

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Promotion, importation et vente de produits et matériels biomédicaux, équipements hôpitaux et pièces de recharge.

Business Phone Number: 0022796987543
BioMS GmbH Molecular Science
Address: BioMS GmbH
Clamersdorfer Str. 4
28757 Bremen
28757 Bremen
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Female Disease Detection 60-90 Seconds Point Of Care
Quantitative / Qualitative / SCREENING (PER-POST) Medication/ Interpretation
Vagi BV (94 Bacteria) / Trichmonsis / Candida ALBICAN / GBS (Group B Streptococcus Agalacita)
1 SWAB 1 Sample MUCUS only

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Business Phone Number: +49(0)421 69667478
Ethicon LT300
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Cardimed Asia Medical, we provide worldwide Medical Equipment supply more than 40 Countries and over 300 customers. We are able to provide you medical equipments, devices, consumables products and more in well-known brands.

Business Phone Number: +90 549 441 48 50
Deviated Nasal Septum Treatment in Hyderabad
Address: No-18-79, Chaitanyapuri cross roads,Opp.Swagath Hotel, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-500060
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Deviated nasal septum treatment & surgery in Hyderabad is an occurred physical disorder of the nose that can lead to obstruction of nasal breathing on one or both sides.
It is very common to have a nasal septum. If you are affected, your septum, the inner part of your nose, divides the nostrils unevenly.
In mild cases, this does not cause any problems but some people with nasal septum have a persistent blocked nose, especially if the nose is due to the septum. This can lead to problems with exercise, sleep, eating and talking.
A nasal septum and other structural problems affecting the nose may arise from birth or from an accidental increase in the risk of early or later life. Although structural nose problems are rarely fatal, they can cause symptoms that affect the overall quality of life. Treatment is relatively straightforward and usually involves nasal surgery septoplasty or septorhinoplasty.
What is the derivative nasal septum?
In most people, the septum does not divide the nose into equal parts, but a small deviation from the center usually causes no symptoms except for the problem in the nasal valve area. Problems arise only when the deviation of one or both nostrils prevents airflow.
If the front of the septum is separated from the nasal floor and goes to one side, the nostrils are narrow; It restricts or obstructs airflow in and out of the nostrils. It is also possible for the nasal septum to bend and get the S shape; It does not separate but the tissues are ill-designed and can limit or block airflow through one or both nostrils. This is especially true if there is a deviation in the first 3-4 cm of the nasal cavity and the lower part of the outer nose is not midline.
Other Symptoms include:
Snoring and sleep apnea (when you stop breathing for a few seconds during sleep)
It is difficult to fall asleep at night or on one side only
Nose bleeding
Scabs in nostrils
Dry and sore nose
Daytime fatigue

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Address: Via Montalino, 13 – Vimercate (MB)
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We are an Italian company on the Italian and European market since 2008. Division System S.r.l. is a well established company engaged in marketing and installation of privacy protection systems (as telescopic screen systems, rail screen systems), in the public hospitals and private homes for the elderly, community and private companies, gaining unanimous support and product quality, punctuality and professional service to our customers.

Business Phone Number: +390396060288
Address: Legetafo, Legedadi, Oromia, Ethiopia
Around Addis Ababa
P.O.Box 1648 code 1110
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Our products are meant for people suffering from specific nutritional deficiencies or with a particular nutritional status. They have been developed to prevent and treat acute malnutrition dietetically and also to compensate for monotonous or inadequate feeding, causing deficiencies and making people vulnerable to particular medical complications.

Business Phone Number: +251116679041
MCI For Metal And Plastic Caps Industry
Address: BLOCK 93, Block 94 , (A6) Area,10th Of Ramadan City, Al-Sharika , Egypt
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MCI For Metal And Plastic Caps Industry are manufactures of Closure caps & Pilfer Proof & Flip-Off Caps For pharmaceuticals and food products in Egypt and Africa. Their products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The best types of insulation Liner made of EPE are used in their products and have among the best matching specifications to the terms of pharmaceutical industry and the food base.

Business Phone Number: +20-100-0092622
Address: 26 rue Edgar Quinet
Bureau 4
Villefranche de Lauragais
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PROACT France:

PROACT MEDICAL SAS, founded in 2009, is an independent company based in the south of France. We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of patient monitoring, diagnostic, respiratory management, anesthesia and resuscitation products to public hospitals, private clinics and purchasing groups.
Our PRO-Breathe and PROACT products are also supplied worldwide, through a network of approved distributors.

All PROACT products are CE marked and are designed and manufactured to exceed the minimum requirements of all applicable European and international standards.
Our operations are supported by a certified quality management system that meets the criteria of ISO 13485 and we expect the same from our suppliers.

We are proud of our environmental references and have implemented a system that has been certified according to the international standard ISO 14001. We are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment, and we manage our activities in a way that preserves, protects and improve the environment.

Business Phone Number: 05 65 87 08