Gambia: Seven children on medical trip to Germany

Seven Gambian children diagnosed with different health conditions, have been flown to Germany for further medical attention, APA can report Tuesday.The medical trip is sponsored by local NGO Project Aid-The Gambia in collaboration with a German international organization called the Peace Village.
According to health officials, the children who left Banjul on Monday, were not the first batch to benefit from the treatment package in the European nation.

They said an earlier batch of five children returned to The Gambia last Friday after being successfully treated by a German medical team.

The children aged 12 and below have been tested in the country, but doctors have confirmed that they cannot be treated in The Gambia due to lack of enough facilities and expertise to tackle their ailments.

Although it might take some time before they are discharged and returned to the country, health officials are optimistic that the partnership with the Germans will continue to facilitate the treatment of more ill children needing overseas medical attention.

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