Kyerwa Plans 200m/ – Hospital

Kyerwa district has set aside over 200m/- in its budget for construction of a district hospital, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kyerwa, Mr Innocent Sebba Bilikwate has said.

Mr Bilikwate told the ‘Daily News’ in an interview that for quite a long time people depended on Isingiro District Designated Hospital (DDH), which is owned by the Catholic Church.

“About 200m/- has been set aside in the 2015/2016 financial year budget for construction of a district hospital. We have already acquired a piece of land and a contractor is already at the site. Completion of the project will greatly improve provision of quality health services to the people,” he said.

The Legislator further said that Murongo Health Centre lacks electricity, a situation that prompts medical workers to use torch light when pregnant women deliver at night. “We appeal for government intervention in this situation.

The Health Centre also lacks houses for medical staff,” he said. He elaborated that the Health Centre caters for about 62,014 residents from four wards namely; Kibale, Bugorora, Kibingo and Murongo.

According to the 2012 Population and Housing Census, Kyerwa District comprises 18 wards with a population of 321,026 people including 163,828 females.

The wards with respective population in brackets include Rukulaijo (24,214), Nkwenda (22,421), Kyerwa (21,605), Mabira (21,529), Rwabwere (20,669), Kibingo (20,572), and Kamuli (20,074). Songambere (19,159), Kikukuru (17,337), Kimuli (17,926), Nyakatuntu (15,168), Businde (19,230), Kibale (15,254), Bugomora (11,144), Murongo (15,044), Rutunguru (9,797), Kaisho (12,878) and Isingiro (16,705). According to Mr Bilikwate, most dispensaries lacked essential medical drugs.

The district has three Health centres-Nkwenda, Murongo and Kamuli. He noted that due to lack of adequate services some of the pregnant women are transported to Nyakahanga District Designated Hospital (DDH), in Karagwe District a distance of 80 kms. Some of the women die on the way, he said.

Meanwhile, Kayanga Older Peoples’ Group (KOPG), in Karagwe District has made tremendous achievements by opening a bank account from own income generating activities.

The chairperson of the group, Ms Amina Selemani (65), said that the group comprised five elderly women (who are engaged in various activities including sewing, poultry and chicken rearing).

“We recently opened a bank account and from our savings a member can borrow and repay within an agreed timeframe without interest.

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