Mwale Medical And Technology City (MMTC) In Kenya To Construct A 30MW Solar Park

MCX Environmental Energy Corp, a US company specializing in renewable energy production announced that it will build the solar plant which will require an overall investment of US $100m.

Kenya is set to construct a 30MW solar park in Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC), a new green city in western Kenya under construction.

The new green city, located in Butere Sub-County, Kakamega is set to house 4,800 environmentally friendly, “affordable” and medium-sized residences.
The city will also feature a 5,000-bed reference hospital and one of Kenya’s largest shopping centres.

The entire city estimated to cost US $2bn will function with green energy sources.

Hundreds of solar streetlights are planned, along with a plant capable of producing 144 MW, via a household waste incinerator with energy recovery.
The MCX Environmental Energy’s photovoltaic solar park will be delivered in December 2020.

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