Kenya: Kitui Referral Hospital Gets First Oxygen Plant Project

Kitui — The Kitui referral hospital has received a boost after it was handed the first Oxygen Plant Project at a cost of USD 200,000.

The project is funded by the State Government’s collaboration with Climate Investor One and Climate Investor Two financing facilities, under the management of Climate Fund Managers, and with local development partner Epicentre Africa Engineering.

“We are extremely excited at the completion and launch of this oxygen plant. This milestone represents a significant boost in capacity within the County and will make a real difference to the clinical outcomes achieved for any residents of Kitui County who become seriously ill because of the pandemic but also during any future medical crises,” said Ngilu.

A cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Health, Kitui County and Epicentre Africa Engineering helped to procure and install the oxygen generating plant and the piping to the Isolation wards at the Kitui County Referral Hospital, sponsored by the two Climate Investor facilities.

The onsite Medical Oxygen Generating Plant Equipment has been successfully installed and commissioned.

The plant was selected for its ease of use, high reliability and minimal maintenance while being EU Area Certified (CE endorsed) and manufactured by reputable equipment manufacturers.

Earlier this month, the operation staff were trained by Pulse Medical under the project management of Epicenter Africa Engineering.

Through the installation of the AS-J-600HM plant, the hospital now has a new capability to generate 300 L per minute of oxygen piped directly to the Isolation Wards, thereby reducing the reliance on manual feeds from oxygen tanks which are in short supply.

The project is designed to enhance comprehensive COVID-19 clinical care onsite and reduce the need to transfer patients requiring oxygenation to Nairobi Hospital.

“Healthy communities are a vital component of a sustainable future for humanity and the planet. While Climate Investor One and Two focus primarily on the construction and operations of climate-friendly infrastructure such as wind farms, solar parks, water supply and treatment plants such as, such as Solar Water Springs, the support of local and national authorities and governments in their role of enabling the communities they serve is a role we are immensely proud to be involved in. Specifically, we applaud the leadership shown by the Government of Kenya during an exceedingly difficult covid period as well as the proactive action of Kitui County. We are proud to consider ourselves a partner of both, ” said Andrew Johnstone, CEO of Climate Fund Managers, Climate Investor One and Two Manager.

The delivery of this plant demonstrates Kitui County’s commitment to the health and welfare of the people of Kitui and the respect with which major international investors hold Kitui County. This equipment has the potential to save lives for many years.

During the event, Epicentre Africa Engineering CEO Mary Njue said: “Epicentre Africa Engineering has been deeply concerned about the effects of the pandemic on the local community in the region of Kitui. We are grateful to have this opportunity to help lessen its negative impact. We are confident that through collaboration with the Climate Investor facilities, and the Kitui County, we can deliver meaningful, sustainable solutions to health challenges, including in other areas such as clean water.”

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