The Rwandan government and Zipline are partners for drone delivery

The Rwandan government and the American robotics and logistics company Zipline have partnered to establish new distribution facilities in both urban and rural areas of the nation.

For the first time, a government and Zipline are collaborating to offer a national drone service.

By 2029, the collaboration will enable Rwanda to make close to 2 million same-day deliveries and fly more than 200 million autonomous kilometres.

The country will employ Zipline to bolster its healthcare supply chain, fight malnutrition, and help its ecotourism economy, according to Rwanda Development Board CEO Clare Akamanzi.

It will ship food, medication, medical equipment, and animal health goods to Rwanda.

The first location of Zipline’s operations was Rwanda.

In order to develop a commercial drone delivery service for Rwanda in 2016, Zipline teamed up with the government of that nation. Zipline’s drones are being used to send blood products to 20 hospitals and health facilities across the country.

It is already in use in Ghana, the US, Nigeria, and Japan, and it will soon be available in Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire as well.

In the previous year, the company increased both the amount of deliveries and its operational reach.

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