Africa Sub-Sahara Spend $11 Billion on New Hospitals

Africa’s sub-Saharan area is host to more than 1.5 billion individuals. The fastest population growth occurs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and millions of residents are living in poverty. For many governments, investing in modern healthcare facilities is of highest priority. There are active new hospitals worth $11 billion. Currently, $6.4 billion has already been built, while $4.8 billion is being designed.

With 20%, or $2.3 billion, of Sub-Saharan Africa’s ongoing hospital projects, Kenya is in position to lead. The second spot goes to Nigeria with 19% ($2.1 billion). With 15% of the activity, Ghana is in third place with a $1.7 billion worth.

The Saudi Fund for Development, which has more than a dozen ongoing hospital projects with an entire displayed cost of $770 million, is the largest investor in the Sub-Saharan African healthcare industry. The fund’s funding of the construction of six new hospitals in the Ivory Coast, at an estimated cost of $383 million, is the largest investment. The fund also has holdings in Zambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, and Eswatini.

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