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Donated Medical Supplies and Equipment for Safe Delivery in Zanzibar by Amref Tanzania and Partners

Vital medical supplies and equipment have been provided to the Ministry of Health for distribution to 28 healthcare facilities by Amref Health Africa-Tanzania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar, Absa Bank, and multiple other partners. The noteworthy donation is a component of the “Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging” (Walk-Jog-Run) program, which aims to improve maternal and child health outcomes by supporting Zanzibar’s health facilities with medical supplies and equipment for safe delivery.

Hon. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, Zanzibar’s Minister of Health, emphasized that 28 healthcare facilities will directly benefit from this program during the hand-over event that took place at the Ministry of Health office in Zanzibar. Encouraging the safe delivery of medical supplies and equipment in Zanzibar is essential and much-needed. He reiterated, “It is the responsibility of our government to guarantee that these supplies and equipment are regularly available and used as intended, since this is the gateway to saving Zanzibaris’ lives, especially those of mothers and babies. He pledged that the administration will make sure the donated equipment got to all of the islands’ designated medical facilities.

Hon. Mazrui further praised Amref and other partners for their creative strategy and exhorted other partners to combine efforts to guarantee the availability of medical supplies and equipment for safe delivery in Zanzibar. “I want to encourage everyone to keep helping save the lives of mothers and children by using the official website,, and the payment number, vodacom 5529421, tigo 6633523,” he continued.

“Through the Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging” initiative, in collaboration with various stakeholders and private companies, the contribution of these medical equipment and supplies will enable safe delivery for mothers in Zanzibar,” said Dr. Serafina Mkuwa, Program Manager for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health, speaking on behalf of Amref Health Africa – Tanzania’s Country Director. These supplies will be beneficial to about 28 healthcare facilities in the five regions of Zanzibar that have the highest requirements. The distribution of medical supplies is now in its third phase, and it will continue with the help of dedicated stakeholders.

In support of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Absa Bank’s representative Rabia Aboud, Branch Manager Zanzibar, emphasized the bank’s readiness to work with communities to assist healthcare, especially maternal health, which is a major tenet of the bank’s CSR strategy. Rabia Aboud went on to say that Absa Bank understands the value of assisting partners like Amref in making a positive impact on healthcare and general well-being.

Over the course of three years (2022–2024), the Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging campaign seeks to raise funds for medical supplies and equipment by raising at least one billion Tanzanian shillings in cash and in-kind donations. Until the goal is met, the software will be available for actively engaging different supporters.

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