Strides Pharma Science signs a deal with MPP to market molnupiravir in international markets

Strides Pharma Science has partnered with Medicines Patent Pool MPP, based in Geneva, to commercialise the antiviral medication molnupiravir in worldwide markets.

According to a statement from MPP, the company and its affiliate, Universal Corporation (Kenya), have entered into a voluntary non-exclusive sub-license relationship covering 105 countries.

Strides and UCL will produce the product in India and Nairobi, Kenya, in WHO-approved facilities. One of the two WHO PQ facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa is owned and operated by UCL.

“While our 200mg strength was launched in India under the Stripiravir brand, this partnership will allow us to commercialise the 400mg dose alongside the 200mg dose for global markets, extending significant patient benefits with higher compliance and better administration,” said R Ananthanarayanan, MD and CEO of Strides Pharma Science.

Strides Group would continue to develop and produce high-quality generic medications that will help the healthcare system and patients, notwithstanding the challenging COVID scenario in various regions of the world, it added.

Molnupiravir is an orally given ribonucleoside derivative that inhibits SARS CoV2 replication and has been demonstrated to be effective against the most frequent COVID-19 variations in clinical investigations. Strides acquired an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the DCGI in December 2021 to introduce molnupiravir 200mg in India.

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